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The anime Narutoget ( is a famous anime and manga website which provides all anime series such as Naruto, Shippuuden and Boruto online. The series started in the year 1990. The episodes are present in Japanese. You can watch them in English as well, since the website has dubbed all episodes to suit the entire population of people who like to watch Naruto. Not just that, Narutoget gives the option of streaming these videos in three video qualities – 360p, 720p and 1080p, according to the user. people oftenly search for And for narutoget.

Narutoget Anime Online @

A true fan of Naruto must have seen all the episodes of series like Naruto Shippuden and movies like Buroto. But it is often difficult to find so many episodes of such series. Narutoget is the one platform which streams all your favourite episodes of Naruto and its adaptations.

Although people have been a fan of manga and anime for a few decades now, the trend is catching up amongst teenagers and children, and everyone is in the race to finish the Naruto and Shippuuden series at the earliest possible. Naruto gives these fans a platform. With uninterrupted streaming in high quality along with subtitles, Narutoget is an outstanding website.

Narutoget Episodes @ :

The episodes of Naruto are streamed for free on the internet in this Web site in refined video quality . Narutoget satisfies every Naruto fan by uploading all Naruto Movies, all seasons of the series and even the current Boruto series. In addition to the Canon based on the actual magna, Narutoget also has extended version of videos of stories and identical forms of magna. Narutoget makes sure it reaches out the maximum number of audiences in the world and thus it has English subtitles for the videos it streams. They also have special dubbed versions.

Its highest traffic comes from United States of America and then from India, with 47.1% of its users coming from the former and 8.3% of its users coming from the latter.

Genre and CategoryOf Narutoget:

The category that this website comes under is – Television and games.

The genre for all the videos present on Narutoget is mostly comedy, action and thriller, thus giving a variety to the large masses. With over 200 episodes in Naruto and over 450 episodes in Shippuuden, Narutoget has it all and never disappoints with its quality.

The site has various categories where you can watch Naruto English dubbed videos, Naruto Season, Cartoons and Naruto Episodes. They stream Naruto Shippuden episodes, Naruto from  seasons 1 to 9 which accounts for a total of two hundred and twenty one episodes. You will get some of the best Naruto Movies collection here and it is bound to make you fall for Naruto all over again. The Boruto series collection is also available in Narutoget including the ones which are presently being telecasted.

Ratings Of Narutoget Anime  @

The privacy as well as the trustworthiness of this website is excellent, unlike many video streaming websites which bring about some virus to the device it is being used on.  It also has child safety. It has daily visitors of 2.74 thousand users and a daily page view of a little less than 4 thousand people.

Narutoget ( website is safe at all times and also has a positive rating on all websites.

The videos can also be downloaded without having to register anywhere, so if you’re planning to go outside where you won’t have internet connectivity, you can download a few episodes according to the time that you can spare. It is all free of cost. There are a few sites similar to such as and, etc, but people still prefer using Narutoget for how convenient and fun, and importantly, free of cost it is.

Apart from the videos, Narutoget also pleases the ardent manga fans in you by uploading all all the chapters of Naruto Manga online. Yes you heard it right!  Not only can you watch your favourite series but also read it. Naruto which was written by Kishimoto Mashashi was first released in the year 1990 and it is still ongoing. The site has a collection of seven hundred chapters which has been updated every year from 2009 to 2012.

Therefore, except for the occasional ads that come in the corner of the video streaming page, Narutoget ( is a perfect website for anyone who wishes to binge watch Anime and simply relax. The website rarely ever hangs, so the experience is always undisrupted and ensures fun for all its users. So if you are a Manga fan, or wish to start watching it, Narutoget is the perfect platform for it.

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