‘One Punch Man’ Creator Reveals How He Created Saitama

‘One Punch Man’ Creator


The Creator (ONE) born in October 1986, best known for the manga series is One-Punch Man (2009–present), It has a manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata. ONE serialized One-Punch Man under his own website without an official publisher. Read One Punch Man Manga

ONE awardONE accepts its Sugoi Japan award. He was born in Niigata and raised in KōnosuSaitama . the Artist made many several that were never serialized like “Sun Man” and “Tennis Player Ryu”.

ONE and Yusuke Murata were awarded Best Manga Sugoi Japan 2016 award. The award aims to promote works of a “global”, “original” and “potential” character to be major international successes. ONE started publishing the first story on Shukan Shonen VIP.

His friends used to work under the name of the group (超 合金 黒 光, Chougoukiun Kurobikari), and this is where the name of the category champion is One Punch Man. Superalloy Darkshine (超 合金 ク ロ ビ カ リ) came from.

interview With ONE

His favorite Japanese movie is Gachi Boy (English title: “Wrestling with a Memory”). This was the first movie that made him cry. Trailer on  Youtube.

In an interview with Yam Sunday Reiji Young Sunday, ONE, the creator of the One Punch Man series, dismantled his thought process to create Saitama. Starting with Saitama’s crazy power, ONE explains that he certainly “wanted to distinguish the character from the pre-existing characters” and ” probablyit might be interesting if” The first chapter is like the last chapter “.

So to balance Saitama’s power with the necessity to create a character drama, ONE made regular aspects difficult for Saitama to adapt to, “punching is often useless against life’s problems. But the most noteworthy in the One Punch Man universe, Saitama made the type of the man who was able To adapt his life. to the world that surrounded him, armed with his mighty power. The only obstacles he faces are worldly things, such as a lack of money. “

ONE balances Saitama’s amazing and impressive power with his focus on balancing the little things in life to create both the fun and funny main characters who want to succeed.

For those who are not familiar with One Punch Man, the series follows Saitama, a regular working atmosphere that one day puts a vicious violent attack. After this battle, Saitama inspired to become a hero and train his body diligently every day, to get a great vigor. In search of a worthy opponent, Saitama joins the Hero League in the hope of fighting it. Seems like every battle waged after a single punch!


first of all In a world of superhuman beings, Saitama is a young man with no job and no real future prospects until the day he decides to take charge of his life, furthermore has a rather unique hobby, he can defeat enemies with a single punch. But being just one hero in a world filled with them, his life is empty and hollow: he gets no respect from anyone, he displays a laidback attitude to everything and for the most part, he finds his overall hero life pointless… and worst of all, he lost his hair due to intense training for three years.

Story about Saitama

Throughout the series, Saitama seems like encounters many superheroes, friends, villains and monsters. as a result he reluctantly became a mentor of Genos, a cyborg who moves with him and seeks revenge for another cyborg because that has killed his entire family. Saitama and Genos join the Hero Association.