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One- Punch Man: One Punch Man is an ongoing Japanese SuperheroWebcomic series created by a well-known author using the pseudonym One. This webcomic came into existence in July 2009 with more than 20,000 hits per day. Generally, it takes much time for a web series to go viral but when it comes to One-Punch man, it has gone viral with 7.9 million hit in a span of 3 years. One- Punch Man illustrates the story of Saitama, an extremely superpowered hero who was very wearied due to the absence of challenges in his fight against any evil or seekers for a stronger opponent. One- Punch Man story of Saitama, the hero is all about his strength to defeat his enemies with a single punch.

One Punch Man Anime Storyline:

In the world of Super powered human beings, Saitama is the freakish hero who can defeat the enemies in just a single punch. Though he is the only hero of his world, he could always love to fight with the stronger opponents all the time. The bitter thing with Saitama is no one respects him as he shows laidback attitude to every matter. He lost his hair due to his intense training he had and made his life pointless. The whole story follows the average life of a superhero who always manage and wins the battle with One punch. However, the story of One- Punch man will be more interesting with the super fun and strategy role played by Saitama.

How many Episodes does One Punch Man last?

One- Punch Man consists of 12 episodes and 5 special episodes called as “One- Punch Man specials”. One punch man webcomic can be easily found on a website called which is an Anime and Manga database and community. There is another episode called OPM which deals about the costume worn by Saitama and how he got it. On whole, there were 18 episodes in One Punch Man Webcomic series.

Why is One Punch Man Bald?

I have already mentioned in the above words that Saitama in One Punch Man lost his hair. The scariest thing is that it makes sense when you factor it in the real life enzyme which is in the human body known as Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). Due to the requirement for heavy pieces of training, he increased the levels of DHT and lost his hair in One Punch Man. Lose of more DHT levels in One Punch Man has finally resulted in getting Baldhead.

Is Genos in One Punch Man Human?

In Greek and Italian derivation Geno means “Noble Aristocrat”. Genos is the mechanical creation of a handsome young man whose face and ears look similar to that or ordinary man. These parts of Genos in One Punch Man are made of an artificial skin material and eyes with a black sclera i.e yellow irises. Genos in One Punch Man has Spiky Blond hair and eyebrows in brown color. So one can confirm that Genos in One Punch Man is the creation of the story.

Is Saitama in One Punch Man a God?

Saitama in One Punch Man a God? is the most common question asked by the viewers of One Punch Man Webcomic series. Saitama was called as God by the fellow people when the superhero of OnePunch Man and Genos are joining in Hero Association. He is too powerful not just because of tough training but also because as a god he has conceded immense physical strength to come across battles.

Who is the strongest cast in OnePunch Man?

The man who can hit all the people in one punch will become popular and the strongest cast. As the scenes show fabulous fight scenes despite powers, all the characters in One Punch Man are strongest. Here is the list of strongest cast in One Punch Man from top 10 as stated below.

1) Saitama ” Caped Badly”

2) Boros “Lord Boros”

3) Tatsumaki “Terrible Tornado”

4) Bang “Silver Fang”

5) Atomic Samurai

6) Deep Sea King

7) Genos “Demon Cyborg”

8) Bofoy “Metal Knight”

9) Puripuri Prisoner “Huff- Puff Prisoner”

10) Sonic “Speed of Sound”

One Punch Man Review:

As One Punch Man has decided to become the superhero of his loving world, he could save the people from a conflict. Saitama has saved a child from a crab monster and later he has undergone heavy training and workouts to make up his body. He even lost his hair and became much powerful than before. He gained much strength which he used for safeguarding people. The story winds up with how One Punch Man became a superhero and what are the stages he has gone through in trying to make it.

One Punch Man is an eye feast which so far called as a best action animation story. All the battles, the power of  One Punch Man creates more excitement to the viewers. All the roles played in One Punch Man will mesmerize you with their marvelous actions. I guess all the characters of One Punch Man will entertain you in such a way that you would like to watch it a number of times.

One Punch Man Anime Television Series:


Season 1- Shingo Natsume

Season 2- Chikara Sakurai


Tomohiro Suzuki


Chinatsu Matsui

Keita Kodama

Nobuyuki Hosoya

Ayuri Taguchi


Hope you were very excited to watch One Punch Man webcomic series. Check out the online sources mentioned in the above words and enjoy the best anime show of One Punch Man. Feel free to clear your quires about One Punch Man by commenting below.

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