Never more than invincibility-“One-Punch Man”

Caricatures, comics, only look at the names, even those with basic cultural education understand the importance of “painting”.

It is true that, for a good comic work, even if other details are not discussed, the importance of the painter should be above all. Inoue Takehiko, Toriyama and other masters needless to say that even Oda and Kishimoto, who are inferior, have a basic way of relying on painters to attract readers and then build plots to retain fans.

However, there are always exceptions. There is such a work that does not depend on the painter at all. It can even be said that the painter is ignored.

The plot alone can arouse interest in reading and get popular, so that in the end it attracts fans who are cartoonists Carefully crafted to take it to the next level. This work is “One-Punch Man”.

The original author of “One-Punch Man” is ONE, and it is known as “ONE Teacher”. According to Teacher ONE, “I have the ambition to become an outstanding cartoonist since childhood”, and “One-Punch Man” is his practice. Make.

Nevertheless, after serializing more than 100 words, the style of “One-Punch Man” has not changed at all, and it is still very sparse, so some fans suspect that Teacher ONE is talking nonsense.

But this is such a work, let another The cartoonist with exquisite skill and excellent ability to split the story fell in love with Murata Yusuke, and asked to redraw the characters for him, so almost all the paintings of the “One-Punch Man” works we can see today are from Murata Yusuke.

However, when we put aside the painter, “One-Punch Man” is really a very wonderful work, because he did not tell the story according to the general passionate fighting comics, abandoned the routine and reinterpreted a hero, or, A legend of cockroach.

The protagonist Saitama is an ordinary person who is unremarkable no matter how he looks. He has almost no advantages except a bright head. But it is such a bald head, in fact, a pinnacle of powerhouses, in the entire comics, no one can beat him, and he can solve all the enemies with just one punch, which is the comic name “One Punch Superman” origin.

In the eyes of ordinary readers, it is already invincible. How can the drama be sung? How do you tell the story? But what Teacher ONE has is the ability to “make impossible impossible”.

Rather than saying that this is a bloody fighting, it is better to say that he is telling a philosophical story: what is the point of being a hero?

Throughout the entire work, Teacher Saitama did not receive the corresponding respect as the first master, but was often ridiculed and misunderstood, and was despised as a low-level hero.

It can be said that optimistically sees his life. This is in stark contrast to how many so-called S-level heroes have constantly proved how strong and how high their standards are. We can think of this mentality of Saitama as a kind of cleverness that is “hidden in the city.”

But more importantly, Mr. Saitama is a sober person. The reason he wants to be a hero is just to be a hero. He likes to be a hero, not to be recognized by others, nor to gain the eyes and admiration of others. Look.

Perhaps because of this, teacher Saitama became the strongest.  simple, often the essence that can become invincible in the true sense, this is probably the deep-seated concept that One-Punch Man wants to express to us.

On the other hand, “One-Punch Man” portrays other characters, as well as the development of the story itself. It can be said that it is presented to the public as a group portrait to a certain extent.

In addition to Teacher Saitama, other characters actually have their own charms and colors. They complement each other and work together to create this world, and they The behavior and personality of Teacher Saitama also played a more profound image of the wise man.

Therefore, even if “One Punch Man” is regarded as a narrative work with bright colors, it will never let it The charm disappears, and it is more likely that when you are seriously immersed in it, you will get a lot of enlightenment from it, which is the uniqueness of “One-Punch Man”.