Correct the One Punch-Man manga

Due to an error they are going to correct the One Punch-Man manga

The One Punch-Man

Story continues in the Yusuke Murata manga and the monster association story is nearing completion.

The interesting thing about this manga is that it is released digitally, with at least one new chapter every month, which keeps fans of Saitama excited and expectant.

One Punch Man manga online

Although they are also released compiled with chapters of the manga in physics, which allows Murata to make small modifications to his work and make it more professional.

after posting an important message to fans on Twitter this was revealed.

What will be corrected does not seem to reach the Internet on the One Punch-Man page .

It will do so in the printed compilation that will go on sale in the coming weeks and will include volumes 19 to 21.

One Punch Man manga online

Now many wonder what is the mistake that the artist escaped to make him correct his work.

Although it is known that Murata is a perfectionist when drawing and that he constantly criticizes his own work, especially on Twitter.

The One Punch-Man manga has a secret that nobody noticed and it was so obvious that it hurts

The One Punch Man

Manga story continues to unfold and is now in episode 121. For its part, the anime is awaiting confirmation of a third season.

The manga still holds many secrets to reveal, such as the true power of Garou, Saitama, and where the mighty Blast lies.

Although there was one thing that no one noticed and it is a small detail by Yusuke Murata.

The famous One Punch Man mangaka , as well as by Atsatsu, who publish the manga.

On his Twitter account, Murata revealed that a package with volumes 19 to 21 will be released soon.

These will have a gift poster with the main characters of the manga, but it is interesting to see that the covers kept separately would have the same special image.

«On December 4, 21 volumes of“ One Punch Man ”will be released, some stores will receive a compilation poster of volumes 19 to 21 for the first 50 people! Here is a list of stores. Thank you”

The presentation is interesting because there will be two covers for each of the volumes.

So you must buy the same manga twice, but with an alternative cover to have the complete illustration.

These are the heroes that each one brings:

  • Volume 19 A: Genos, Tank Top Master, and Child Emperor
  • Vol 19 B: Tatsumaki, Fubuki, Metal Knight, and Drive KnightVolume 20 A: Flashy Flash, Zombieman, Atomic Samurai and Metal Bat
  • Vol 20 B: Watchdog Man and Saitama’s Fist
  • Volume 21 A: Saitama, Sonic Speed Of Sound and Mumen Rider
  • Vol 21 B: Puri Puri Prisoner, Garou, Kig, Black Shine, Sweet Mask, Bang and Bomb

It caught the attention of some fans that Pig God, one of the S-class heroes, never made it to the illustration.

The only hero in this category who did not appear in the picture and who was part of the battle against the monster association.

For now, you will have to wait for that package of sleeves to arrive in America or order it online … even if it comes in Japanese.

What do you think about art? It’s pretty good, right?